The beige texture is from airport cherdegole paris. The curves and edges are to create some shades & shadows.

Bodegas are found at almost every corner of NYC. They are quite perplexing since they don’t really exist in the state. Think of small grocery store mashed up with sandwich bar into a tiny place. Its convenient when you need to grab quick food and snacks.

From Nature Beyond...

Bodega is a Fast Casual concept

A restaurant based in Doha.
BODEGA is a corner shop in Lusail city that specializes in making
fresh sandwiches, pastries, grab-n-go meals, chips, sweets and
coffee. All that is over-the-bar. 

Handmade Fresh Food

Handmade fresh food avoiding chemicals and preservatives
common to so much grab-n-go local and global competitors.
BODEGA is seeking to achieve the mission by preparing fresh
food every day central in-house kitchen which will present in the
displays and the fridges.

Our Social Responsibilty

Our Social Responsibility
strategy which will help to reduce the waste by removing the leftovers food from the displays and the fridges overnight and
donate to local charities and where it is most needed.


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